1. The majority of our work is custom made to our clients need, therefore each item is manufactured to the required specifications.
2. Once the job is accepted then it is scheduled for art, and necessary supplies are allocated or ordered.
3. Layouts are prepared and approved by clients.
4. Manufacturing process are determined and scheduled.
5. Each process is checked for quality.
6. Finishing, final inspection and packaging are completed.
7. Product is shipped or picked-up by client.
8. Installation when required.
9. Every effort is made to complete the order on time as required by the client.


Our Art Department has some specific requirements for art work provided. Meeting this
criteria will save the client money and time in production.

Vector drawings programs:
Illustrator CS or earlier (Mac or PC)
Corel Draw 12 or earlier (PC)
Quark-X-press 4.0 ( Mac or PC)

Ensure that all fonts specific to your job in any application mentioned are converted
to curves or outlined before saving the final file.

Disk Media Supported:

Large format Digital Printing File Set Up Specification

Scanned Images: For optimal resolution and results, please use the following
key factors:
● Finished graphic dimensions required
● Bitmap files, .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .tif, .psd etc. must be submitted at actual size with a minimum resolution of 150dpi and at least .25″ bleed.
● Be sure convert a scanned color image to CMYK mode before saving it.
● If you are providing artwork for scanning, sharp and crisp photographs
or negatives are critical for the processing of images into graphics.